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Personal Experiences, by Billie Jessel

I want to share a story with everyone, a true story in which affected myself and my family a few years back. The reason I feel that sharing my story is important, is that I would hate to see what happened to my family happen to another. We all use movers from time to time, there is never really any telling where we will end up over time, but when we do move we want it to go smoothly and as safely as possible.

A few years ago my family and I were transferred to the Dallas area for work, it was really pretty exciting, a new start and a new job, so we packed up everything we owned and had it moved down here. I kept a bag in the suv with a change of clothes and a few toys for the kids as we were driving to the Dallas area. We had a lot of fun on the way, stopped at a few locations, lots of sight seeing. Everything was looking up and we were really looking forward to a new start in a new place.

We arrived in the Dallas area late, the moving trailer was parked in front of our new home, a lock placed upon it till the next day when it would be unloaded early in the morning, things were looking good, my family and I bunked over at an uncle???s home for the night, we had a big day of setting up our new home the next day, we were pretty excited about everything!

So the following day we get to the house and lying on the ground in the driveway is the lock to the trailer, it was cut and left there, the whole trailer with everything we owned was gone. Sometime during the night it had been stolen, someone or someone???s had hooked up to it and driven off! Of course we called the police, and we filed a report, it was a pretty big deal everything we owned was in there except for a backpack I had had in the car with a change of clothes for the kids and a few toys!

So the trailer, it was covered the owners were able to claim it on their insurance and have it replaced at value, the items within the trailer were not covered, so my family had pretty much nothing, no beds, no furniture, no dishes, no clothing, standing in a house that had nothing in it! My family hit the news over this, we were blessed because the Dallas / Fort Worth community and surrounding area???s came to our aid, but the reason I???m writing this is simple. If you are planning a move, if you are going to move your household or even just a few things be careful when choosing a mover. You want to make sure that in the event something were to happen your items would be covered. Don???t let yourself become the victim as my family was, choose someone with credentials, ask questions, and get the right answers! I work for MoveCo.Net, and I???ve found that there are companies out there who do care, who can assure you of a safe move, who will take care of your items and put a guarantee on it. Not only does MoveCo offer a higher insurance, they offer it as part of the package deal, no additional charge! Be wise when moving, don???t make the same mistake I made, looking at your children and wondering what to do, yeah its not a great feeling, I put this out there and blogged this because there is a big difference between the right moving company and the wrong one!


Site: Here is the news article by Channel 8 News on: March 16th 2010


Moving day is quite possibly among the most stressful days of your life.?? Let???s think about some methods professional movers use to make a move proceed smoothly.?? We are all familiar with the Boy Scouts and their motto to ???be prepared???.?? As the saying goes, being prepared can save you much grief.

Setting your move date proves to be one of the most dependent objectives in the industry.?? Dependent upon a laundry list of factors, moving is not an exact science.?? Things to keep in mind when setting your move date might include weather, holidays, and closing dates.?? Availability of resources is all factors that can and will affect the cost and effort of your move day.?? Knowing your plan for move day sixty days in advance is a good idea.?? Keep in mind storage yards, apartment complexes, high rises, and even some neighborhoods have set times assigned for moving.?? Map your move logistics long before move day.

The ability to find yourself properly packed and prepped prior to the move day is more tedious than many would like to face.?? If possible call movers to pack, it is costly but effective. If you choose to pack yourself, then get started early.?? The most overwhelming thing that extends the move time is small items.?? Movers have a saying, ???if it fits in a box, it goes in a box.????? The load transports significantly more efficient if this saying is followed.?? Movers are not lawfully able to carry all items in your home.?? Most movers abide to a policy not to transport such items as alcohol, ammunition, chemicals, flammables, liquids, or anything alive.?? The more solid your boxes, and the better sealed each container is, the safer your belongings will be.

The move day itself is the moment that tests your preparedness.?? Keep in mind the little things make a big difference.?? On move day things as simple as cars in the driveway, overgrown shrubbery, and conditions of walkway are little things that have major outcomes on the move.?? The fewer number of people on site of move day, the better, especially small children and pets.?? It is a big help, contrary to popular belief, to leave the boxes in the rooms they belong, movers have a much easier time remembering where they go.?? Move day is a day most people try to forget for obvious reasons.?? Be mindful of unexpected costs, as things like, fuel charges, maintenance fees, and taxes are really to be expected.?? Most moving companies are going to require the client to make payment prior to unload, or even prior to the move itself.?? Plan your form of payment and be prepared for a quote to increase or decrease.?? Unexpected items such as pool tables, gun safes, etc. can cause last minute fees, so disclose special items before move day.?? Move day is not the ONLY important day of your move but it is the most challenging.?? Be prepared and good luck!


?? ?? ?? ?? ??Moving is one of the most stressful of life’s events, just below death, divorce, bankruptcy and illness, but it doesn???t have to be. ??A professional move performed by a quality crew will make all the difference.

?????????????? Just like most decisions in life, information and knowledge will make all the difference in making the right decision in whether or not to hire a moving company. As well as what moving company out of the thousands that is out there to choose. Moving furniture is hard manual labor, which requires a unique skill set. There are enough questions about the moving process to fill a book; here are some that you should be considering when making your decision.

?????????????? What classes of moving companies are there? Why is there such a dramatic range in quote prices for the exact same move? What is included in a moving quote? What are the pros and cons of hourly vs. itemized moving quotes? ??What is an ???estimate??? vs. a ???not to exceed??? moving quote? How much money do I really save if I pack myself?

?????????????? What about insurance? What is the difference between insurance and a guarantee? What does GL and cargo insurance cover? And what is with this “supplemental insurance” I keep hearing about? Who pays the deductible if there is a claim? ??What kind of coverage do I really need?

How are the movers screened? ????What kind of men am I letting into my home and around my family? How long will my move take? I want my movers to be fast, but not at the expense of being carefull. ??My friend moved twice in the last two years. One move took 3 days the other 8 hours, what gives?

?????????????? When you do not have all the answers, anxiety and stress is a normal emotional response. ??Research shows when most folks are asked to recommend a moving company, they start by saying who not to use. Reliving a bad moving experience in the process. People tend to be loyal to the company they trust; the company that treated them fairly. A reputable mover will get most of their business from repeat customers and referrals.