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There is a lot to consider when moving yourself. ??You need to rent a truck, rent moving pads, buy rope/straps, and rent or buy moving dollies. ??Everything you need to move yourself safely needs to be in place well before move day. ??The actual move is just one piece of the puzzle. ??There are a ton of move related issues that will require your attention.

?????????????????????? The days leading up to your move can make you feel like a juggler in a circus. ??There are utilities that need to be changed, house closings to attend, documents that need to be signed, and kids to enroll in school. ??Moving is a full time job before you even pack your first box. ??You will save money by moving yourself, but a professional moving crew sure can make life easier.

?????????????????????? When you’re planning on moving yourself, organization is the key. ??You will need a written schedule and a checklist to make sure everything that needs to be done, gets done on time. ??Friends need to be drafted, both for move day, and to help with the packing. ??Packing is something that, for the most part, can be done at your convenience but must be completed before move day. ??It is recommended to start packing two weeks before move day. ??Everyone takes longer packing their own items. ??It is a curious fact that professional movers will pack a stranger’s household goods faster than they would their own. ??The reason being, each item is tied to a memory, so it is more than just wrapping and boxing, it???s remembering your past one item at a time.

?????????????????????? The main objective when moving yourself should be, not to get hurt. ??It is far easier to replace a piece of furniture than to replace your back. ??A potential back injury is the number one reason to hire a moving company. ??If you are moving yourself, invest in a back brace and lift with your legs. ??Give yourself more time than you think you???ll need. ??Moving yourself has a way of dragging on and on.

?????????????????????? One of the main problems folks have when moving themselves, is the ???lowered standard??? and the ???cutting corners??? that lead to accidents and damages. ??For example, professional movers will not move boxes that are open or folded. ??Boxes must be sealed with tape. ??People that move themselves don???t seem to think twice about carrying out open boxes to the moving truck that are overflowing. ??DIY moves also do not seem to use enough moving pads on their furniture, resulting in damage. ??Don???t let this be you if you???re planning on moving yourself.

You can be successful with the right preparation, and the right knowledge. ??It only takes moving yourself once to appreciate the effort that a professional mover puts forth. ??If you hire a professional moving company, do your research; know what standard to demand.


The phone rings, it???s the movers. ??They tell you they are about 15 minutes away, and will arrive on time. ??You think it is thoughtful of the driver to give you a courtesy call. ??You are ready. ??Everything is in a sealed box with labeled contents, and where the box will go at the new house. ??The desk drawers and armoires are empty, but you left your clothes in the dressers and chest of drawers. ??They said clothes were ok to leave in the drawers, but any big furniture had to be emptied like the armoire and high boy.

?????????????????????? The company name and logo are clearly visible on the side of the moving truck. ??The driver introduces himself and the moving crew. ??You recognize the driver from the email you received yesterday from the moving company, confirming the date and time, as well as, which driver has been assigned to your moving crew.

The driver has the exact same inventory list that you were given when you received your moving quote a month ago. ??After a walk through where you answer any questions the driver may have about the particulars of this move, you sign the moving contract. ??You feel you are on the same page as your moving crew. ??The best way to achieve great customer service is to avoid any miscommunication.

?????????????????????? The truck is stocked with professional moving equipment and stacks of moving quilts. ??Rubberized non marking dollies are brought in, as well as moving straps and shrink wrap. ??Floor protection is laid down and the door jam protectors are installed. ????

?????????????????????? It does not take long for the crew to clear out the living room and entryway. ??Stacks of boxes roll out to the truck effortlessly. ??The clutter of a packed house is quickly disappearing. ??The movers disassemble the headboards and footboards of the beds. ??The mirrors are unscrewed off the dressers. ??After the washer and dryer are disconnected, you are asked to view the washer outlet to confirm for yourself that there are no leaks. ??After all, you are responsible for the house???s plumbing, not the moving company. ??You go out to the moving truck to see how much space is still left. ??You are surprised how much they are able to fit in the moving truck. ??Every piece of furniture is wrapped in a moving pad. ??All the different shapes and sizes fitting together like a puzzle. ??Boxes are filling all the places on top of and in-between the furniture. ??This is quite an impressive pack job.

?????????????????????? Once the truck is loaded, the driver does a walk through with you; a final check to make sure nothing is missed. ??A padlock is installed on the back door of the moving truck. ??The driver confirms your new address. ??The driver asks if you would prefer meeting at your new address or just have them follow you. ??You choose to have them follow you. ??You drive extra slow on the starts and stops. ??Moving trucks take it slow and easy on the road to minimize the bumps, and vibrations.

?????????????????????? At your new home a walk through is conducted, so the crew will know the ???names??? of the various rooms. ??This way the boxes will be placed in the correct room. ??Floor protection and door guards are then installed. ??You are asked to ???direct traffic??? and make sure each piece of furniture is exactly where you want it, it in the first place, when you have all this manpower. ??It is such a hassle to have to move things around later.

?????????????????????? After the truck is unloaded you are asked to inspect the moving truck. ??All the moving pads are in two neat stacks with the dollies strapped to the wall. You know for sure that no items were accidently left in the truck. ??You also know only your belongings were in this moving truck during this move.

?????????????????????? You’re asked to write down on the contract any damages you have noticed. ??There was none. ??You sign the contract completing your move and tip the crew.

?????????????????????? You are happy with your moving experience. ??You post a comment on the company website as well as your favorite review board; Yelp, Yahoo, Google, or Angie???s list for example. ??You also plan to refer this company to your friends, family, and co workers.

?????????????????????? The next day you receive a survey in your email inbox asking, ???How was your moving experience???? ??


It is 8am the day before your move. ??There is a knock at your door. ??The clean cut packing crew is wearing matching uniforms. ??You know based on your prior research that this company does background checks, drug tests, and has vetted the references of each packing/moving crew member. ??It does not matter how skilled your mover is, if you would not trust him in your house. ??After introductory courtesies, you invite them into your house and do a quick walk through with the crew leader, identifying concerns and answering questions. ??All boxes will be labeled based on where you will want the items at your new address. ??As you have pointed out individual rooms, the crew leader has taken note: master bedroom, Emilie???s bedroom, Wesley???s bedroom, laundry, kitchenette, et cetera. ??Meanwhile, the other members of the crew has brought in piles of new crisp boxes, and packing supplies.

There is packing tape, shrink wrap, bubble wrap, wardrobe boxes, 1.5 cubic ft. book boxes, 3.1 cubic ft., median boxes, and 4.5 cubic ft. large boxes, 4.5 cubic ft. dish packs and picture/mirror boxes. ??You???re asked to sign the contract before they start. ??The contract is familiar, it is the same proposal you reviewed when you reserved your move date.

The crew gets to work. ??Carefully wrapping all breakable items, and labeling the boxes, ???fragile??? or ???glass???. ??Books and heavier items are packed in 1.5 cubic ft. book boxes. ??Lighter items are packed in larger boxes. ??Hanging clothes are packed in wardrobe boxes; which are like mini closets with a metal bar to hang the clothes.

You are on hand to answer any questions the crew may have, one of which is, ???what should be packed in your priority boxes???? ??The stuff you will need immediately after the move. ??Things like coffee, cups, coffee pot for you and tooth brushes, and pajamas for the kids. ??If what you need most is identified now, packed and labeled; you will not be searching every box on the move night just to put the kids to bed. ????The first day in your new home can be kind of chaotic. ??A few well packed ???priority boxes??? can make all the difference.

The phone rings a few hours later, it is the moving company???s office. ??The lady on the phone just wants to know if everything is alright, and going smoothly. ??She asks if you have any questions. ??She then confirms the time the move crew will be there in the morning. ??It was just a courtesy call.

?????????????????????? As the day progresses, neat stacks of boxes about 4-5 feet tall fill the house. ??Each box is labeled with its contents and what room it is destined for at the new house. ??Boxes that are sealed with tape are about 40 % stronger than boxes that are just folded. ??Every box is sealed with tape.

?????????????????????? As the day comes to a close, your entire home is packed by professionals. ??The crew leader does a walk through with you to double check that everything that needed to be packed, was indeed packed. ??Meanwhile, the crew picks up any trash, empty tape rolls, box bundle binders, et cetera.

?????????????????????? The crew leader asks you to sign the move contract acknowledging the packing services performed. ??He leaves you with a copy of the updated move contract with actual box numbers, as well as his business card. ??Goodbyes are said and the crew departs.

?????????????????????? You look around with great relief. ??What would have taken an average family (with friends helping) over a week of exhausting work, and multiple trips to the box store, has been completed in just one day. ??You think to yourself this is the way to prep for a move. ??You are ready for the movers tomorrow!


?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ??What is the foundation of a professional stress free move? ??Good communication and delivering on those expectations. ??Every move is unique with its own set of challenges. ??Moving your precious household goods is not like moving freight where everything is standard, sized, and sitting on a pallet.

?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? A highly skilled crew is a must for a damage free move. ??Loading a moving truck is a lot like playing Tetris, with every piece of furniture being wrapped and padded first. ??Like most skilled trades, experience makes all the difference. ??It will not matter how good the moving company is if you get a bad crew. ??The three main factors that will affect the happiness of your moving experience are: a good company, a fair moving quote, and a competent crew. ??Please note it???s best to reserve your move date two weeks in advance, if not sooner. ??Reputable moving companies do not over book, and their calendars fill up quickly, especially at the end of the month.

?????????????????????? Make sure you know what your moving quote includes and that you have reviewed the written proposal/contract. ??Be sure the moving company you???ve selected is flexible with inventory adjustments, and/or move conditions. ??Make sure last minute services have upfront pricing without penalties or surcharges. ??Sometimes your friend that was so happy you gave them your old sofa set just doesn???t understand the importance of deadlines or move dates or answering their phone. ??Maybe at the last minute your husband decides to swing by the old storage unit to make use of this extra manpower and large moving truck.

?????????????????????? Life can be unpredictable, make sure your moving company isn???t.