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?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ??There are other ways to get the manpower you need without relying on your friends. ??You can post an ad for day laborers or find your local day labor pool. ??In fact, some ???low cost??? moving companies hire additional staff by using day labor. ??There are questions you need to ask yourself before you proceed with this low cost labor source. ??Any reputable moving company conducts a background check and drug test when hiring movers. ??Will you research the labors you hire?

?????????????????????? Men with addictions or a questionable past have tendency to work for cash on a daily basis vs. holding down a full time job. ??If you are concerned about the type of people you are bringing into your home and around your family, this might be an issue. ??Strangers for cash labor may have untold costs.

?????????????????????? Experience also must be considered. ??Moving is a trade, requiring a unique set of skills. ??When someone hauls trash one day, and roofing shingles the next day; why would they have the skill to move your cherry wood dresser and stainless fridge today? ??Moving is not just grunt work; moving furniture is highly skilled, hard manual labor. ??You can???t train someone in one day. ??Why would you want to train someone on your dime with your stuff? ??It is possible to hire skilled labor on a daily basis, but if you are not using a respectable moving company, you will need to get the men yourself.

?????????????????????? Insurance is a big deal when you are moving. ??If one of your day labors gets injured, who is responsible? ??If you don???t have an independent contractor???s agreement, then you are the one held responsible. ??Will your homeowners insurance defend you in court against a personal injury lawsuit? ??There is a lot to consider when you hire strangers to come and work in your home. ??Make sure you are asking these questions before your move day.

?????????????????????? Furniture getting damaged is normally the main concern, but you can see it is not nearly as vital as some of the points we just covered. ??To be clear, you are responsible for any damages your day labors cause. ??If they drop your TV or scratch your dining room table, are you going to ask them to pay for it? ??Will you take it out of their wages? ??What good is $100 wages on a $1200 TV? ??It is doubtful you would want to stiff a day laborer anyway. ??They know where you live, they???ve been in your home, and they have a good idea of where all your items are located. ????Just pay the day labor for their services, and think of it as a lesson learned. ??How much do you really save with day labor vs. getting the job done right with a professional moving company?


?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ??There is a lot to take into consideration when you are asking your friends to help you move. ??The more stuff you have the harder it is to get your friends to commit. ??Gone are the days when all your stuff would fit in the back of your friends??? pick up, an SUV, two jeeps and a Honda Civic. ??Now you have to rent a moving truck. ??Not just any truck, but the biggest that can legally be rented with a class C driver???s license. ??Note: If any of your friends plan to drive the moving truck they will need to be on the insurance. ??

The protocol is pizza and beer on move day, and the obligation to reciprocate when said friend moves in the future. ??Kind of a ???one day I will ask you of a favor???.

?????????????????????? Over the years I have heard thousands of stories of friends bailing at the last minute, ???I was on my way, but my car broke down!??? ?????I have the flu,??? ?????My grandmother is ill,??? ?????My boss called me in to work, sorry.??? ??It???s even got as bad as friends not answering their phone and using the excuse the next time they see you, ???I flaked,??? like it???s no big deal. ??Your polite friends will at least have a preexisting, ???can???t get out of??? a previous engagement, that???s conveniently on your move day.

?????????????????????? If you are using a moving company just to move all the big items, and using your friends to move all the small stuff and boxes, here is a suggestion; make sure the moving company that you hired will add items at the last minute just in case your friends flake. ??It is always a good idea to have a backup plan.

?????????????????????? Some friends are better at packing boxes then the actual moving that requires heavy lifting. ??Delegate accordingly. ??Make sure that all the packing is done before move day. ??It is way too stressful to still be packing boxes while you are trying to load the truck.

?????????????????????? What about the scuffs and scrapes? ??Accidents tend to happen when working with non professionals, especially when your friend just chugged a beer to wash down his pizza. ??You can’t expect your friend to pay for your TV if he accidently drops it. ??Same goes for the walls. ??If a table corner bumps the wall and knocks out a small, or not so small, chunk of sheetrock out, you most likely will just have to suck it up and fix it yourself. ??He is here to help his friend, so you can???t necessarily get upset. ??He doesn???t have the experience of moving furniture eight hours a day for the last two years. ??(The time it takes to become a truly proficient furniture mover.)

?????????????????????? The main issue to consider is what if somebody gets hurt? ??Does your friend have health insurance? ??Will it cover them not being able to return to work? ??Will they expect you to pay the doctor bills or lost wages? ??Friends don???t sue friends for personal injury, do they? ??It???s happened before in the past. ??A friendship can easily be ruined over a moving discrepancy. ??You have to ask yourself, what are the costs and risks of free labor?


?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? You don???t need everything in the professional movers??? tool kit, but you do need some essentials. ??Where you rented your moving truck is a good place to look for rental dollies, as well as, other moving supplies. ??There are also moving supply stores available; where all the pro???s shop.

?????????????????????? The first thing you will need is a box dolly, or hand truck to move boxes. ??This type of dolly is also convenient to move furniture, just make sure it is padded. ??Almost all rental hand trucks are NOT padded. ??Almost all professional hand trucks ARE padded.

?????????????????????? The second kind of dolly that you will need is a four wheel dolly. ??Again, you can rent one, but in my opinion it is well worth the $60 to buy a professional one. ??A good four wheel dolly is indispensable to a smooth move. ??Furniture can be tipped in its rubberized pads and rolled around tight corners. ??Heavy items can be maneuvered with ease using this type of dolly.

?????????????????????? The third kind of dolly you will need is an appliance dolly to move the fridge, freezer, washer, and dryer. ??This is a heavy duty dolly that has a ratchet strap attached, to make sure the appliance is secure. ??This dolly is expensive, but can easily be rented.

?????????????????????? Next you need rope, straps, and shrink wrap. ??Not only do you need to tie items to the wall of the truck, but you also need to wrap and tie the drawers and doors of your furniture. ??Dressers, chests, china cabinets, buffets, nightstands, and desks all need to be tied to prevent accidental opening. ??Many damages have occurred when a dolly operator rolls out a piece of furniture only to have the door swing open and crash into the concrete driveway.

?????????????????????? All packing needs to be done before move day. ??Let me say that again, all the boxes need to be packed before move day. ??There are a lot of supply stores that sell boxes at a discount. ??All reputable moving companies sell boxes and will deliver them to you at little or no cost. ??The truck rental companies sell boxes as well. ??Check the return policy before you buy moving supplies, just in case you need to make a return or exchange. ??The right moving equipment and supplies is a must to make your move go smoothly.


?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? As soon as you know your actual move date, the first thing to do is reserve your rental truck. ??U-Haul, Penske, and Budget are all good companies to use when moving, but they do run short of trucks at the end of the month. ??That is especially true of the 24 ft.-26 ft. moving trucks, which is the truck you will need if you are moving a household. ??The truck can be reserved online with a credit card. ??Call the rental truck company a few days before the move just to make sure they actually have the physical truck on hand.

?????????????????????? A 24 ft. rental truck is 1,536 cubic feet, while a typical professional moving truck is 2,160 cubic feet, but the real difference is the skill to pack a truck that comes from years of experience. ??It is not uncommon for the professional mover to fit twice the amount of furniture and boxes in this truck than the average DIY mover. ??This is not a big deal though, if you have chosen to move yourself. ??It is far better to make more trips than to spend an exorbitant amount of time trying to maximize your 1,536 cubic ft. worth of space. ??The important thing to remember is that the truck must be packed in a way so the furniture cannot slide around and shift. ??Every piece of furniture must be wrapped with a moving blanket. ??Use boxes as space fillers. ??Make use of ropes and straps to attach items to the walls of the truck. ??Keep heavy items at the bottom of the load, stacking light items on the top of them.

?????????????????????? It is a good idea to know the additional cost if you need to keep the truck for a couple extra days. ??Just like Blockbuster and their late fees, the truck rental fees can sometimes exceed the original cost of the rental. ??Some savvy DIYers will add a few extra days to the rental agreement when first reserving their truck. ??Adding days to the truck rental is much cheaper when they are added three weeks before the move, than the day of the move.

?????????????????????? When you return the rental truck, make sure to fill the fuel tank and to sweep it out to avoid any extra fees. ??It is also a good idea to take a photograph of the rental truck before starting your move, as well as, after you have unloaded and cleaned out the truck. ??This will give you proof of any damages that occurred before you rented; or any damages that occurred during your move. ??Folks get their credit card charged for truck damages all the time without notice. ??An email with before and after pictures will get any bogus charges refunded.