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Some of the best moving companies are the local independent companies. ??Often these companies are family owned and you can talk to one of the owners personally.

Value is where the best quality meets a fair price. ??Local independents do not have the overhead that the van lines do. ??They may not be as competitive on cross country moves because they lack the van lines national network. ??For local and regional moves, independents can???t be beat!

Independents prefer itemized quotes, but do hourly moves as well. ??They do not need to price in pounds because only YOUR belongings will be on the moving truck. ??It is a distinct advantage to have exclusive use of the moving truck during your move.

Moving quotes can be obtained online or over the phone, but the most prefered method is an in-home estimate. ??Quality independents normally have a written guarantee in addition to the standard contract. ??It is difficult to compare quotes from budget/apt. movers because of the quality/price gradient.

Experienced movers like to work for the van lines or the local independents. ??No moving crew wants to be on the underbooked job. ??The best crews get paid based on what they actually accomplish, and are responsible for their own damages. ??The most careful crew is a responsible crew that is paid fairly.

Good movers, the same as their customers, don???t like to argue over the move price on move day. ??Upfront pricing is the mark of the quality mover. ??The ???bait and switch,??? is the tactic of the low baller mover.

Reputation is very important for quality independent moving companies. ??They do not have the corporate, military, or general government contracts and mainly move people that are actually paying for their own moves. ??While prices are competitive for the same moving services, quality is the main selling point for the local independent moving company.

Check out the reputation of the companies you are considering. ??Watch video reviews, ask family and friends if they had heard any feedback about the companies and find a moving company you would be happy to recommend to those you care about.


National van lines move people across the country and across the world. ??They have contracts with the military, government (general services), as well as, large corporations. ??They are the 800 pound gorilla in the moving industry. ??The van lines are the polar opposite to ???Chuck and a truck.??? ??There is no question that they have the legal authority to move furniture.

The ??national van lines set the industry standard. ??The van lines carry very high limits on their general liability, but their cargo insurance for regular damage is set at the industry standard, 60 cents per pound per item. ??Most van lines offer to sell additional insurance or valuation.

Some van lines are better than others, so do your research. ??The in-home estimate is the prefered method to receive a quote. ??Once the semi is loaded and the truck is weighed, you will know the actual weight and price of your ??move. ??Ask ahead of time what the additional cost per pound will be.

A large portion of corporate relocations are contracted with the national carriers. ??If your company is moving you, the cost of the your move is between the van line and your company. ??I have met many people that had no idea what their move actually cost; ???the company paid for it, ??? they would say.

Most van lines are very professional, use large trucks, have experienced crews, but are kind of expensive, if you???re paying for the move out of your own pocket. ??On the other hand they can be very competitive on long distance moves. ??If you can be flexible on your move date, than they can piggyback your load on a cross country truck.


Apartment locators and apartment complexes often run specials where they will move you for free. ??It is always nice to get something for free, but the old age saying is, ???there is no such thing as a free lunch.??? ??This definitely rings true when talking about moving specials.

The money being paid to the mover on your behalf is generally for a set inventory list. ??If you have additional items you will have to pay if you want the add ons moved.

The mover will show up with a preprinted inventory list for your ???free??? move. ??You can then negotiate the cost to move everything else. ??Get the list before hand and know what is included.??

As with any company, always go over the moving quote proposal before move day while you still have options. ??Sales gimmicks are just that, gimmicks. ??You could tell the apt. locator/apt. complex you would prefer to receive a check and you will hire your own moving company. ??Quality always suffers when you have no choice in who you hire. ??Most ???move for free??? deals are contracted with budget/apt. class moving companies.

People who think they are getting a ???free??? move often don???t even know the name of the company until move day. ??How are you suppose to do your due diligence? ?????Free??? often causes a cognitive shortcut. This makes you believe you have nothing to worry about, and you???re given the idea that, ?????it???s taken care of, ??? but in reality we should be even more vigilant.


The main selling point of this class of moving company is often the low price. ??Budget, apts, apartments, A1, A+, AAA and best are often part of their name. ??Unlike some guy and a rental truck, these are real moving companies, so it???s easy to ??research them with the BBB. ??They are normally licensed and meet the state requirements of ??60 cents per pound insurance.


The trucks are geared for smaller moves, like apartments. ??Often they use pickup???s to pull cargo trailers. ??This class of moving companies rarely perform interstate moves. ??They rarely do in-home estimates and most of their moves are booked over the telephone. ??Salesmen have flexibility and will often ???cut deals.??? ??Make sure everything you want moved is listed. ??Same day add ons are normally prices at a premium.
Budget movers do a lot of hourly moves, but the quality of the crew will determine how long the actual move will take. ??People usually get what they pay for, but sometimes overpaying for poor service. ??Do not let any work be performed without a written contract stating maximum cost. ??Finding out the cost of your move after the truck is loaded, is finding out too late