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The internet is a popular place to find a moving company. ??On the web, a small start-up can look just as impressive as the national van lines. ??Don???t let the skills of a talented web designer give you a false sense of security. ??If you are going to trust a company to send men into your home, take the time to research the company.


Licensed, bonded, insured, and members of the BBB are the basics. ??Most reputable moving companies will also be members of a trade association for the household goods moving industry; Southwest Movers Association (SMA) and American Movers and Storage Association (AMSA). ??Membership in the local Chamber of Commerce shows a commitment to the local community. ??All this research can be done online from the convenience of your laptop while you drink your morning coffee.


The internet has a lot of information, both truth and propaganda. ??There are lots of websites that will let you write and read reviews of companies. ??Some however, are biased; asking companies to pay to have bad reviews buried and good reviews promoted. ??Take written internet reviews with a grain of salt. ??Unhappy customers make more noise than those who are satisfied. ??Fake reviews are in abundance; competitors trying to make some company look bad. ??Companies writing positive reviews about themselves under ten different pseudonyms. ??Is a slick salesman that has sent you links to negative information about a competitor being helpful, or showing you his handy work? ??A new company will have a small digital footprint. ??A company that has been around 15 years will have a larger digital footprint; both good and bad. ??You can???t please everyone, not in the moving business.


I like video reviews, they???re much harder to fake. ??Some companies clear their record by changing their name. ??If you are dealing with a new company, that should be a consideration. ??Is it an industrious start up, or a sleazy outfit pressing the reset button?


Some of the most impressive moving company websites that I???ve seen are not moving companies at all. ??Brokers and lead generation companies are not actual moving companies. ??They do not employ any actual moving crews. ??These companies live online and provide a very professional interface to the ???customer???. ??

Lead generators take your information and sell it to moving companies. ??Brokers book your move, take payment online, then outsource your move to an actual moving company. ??The quality of your moving experience is based on the crew that shows up on move day. ??Why add a middle man and unknown variables?


I recommend to use the movers your friends trust. ??If you are seeking a mover without a referral, than do the basics. ??Research the moving company: licensed, bonded, insured, testimonials, video reviews, and a good BBB record. ??Just getting an in-home estimate gets you a higher class moving company. ??Brokers and lead generators do not come to your house; they???re probably not even in the same state.


PODS and other companies that offer portable storage containers have given people another option in moving and storage. ??People contact the company, set up a date, and they deliver the storage container on one day and pick up the container on another day.

The standard size is 16 feet. ??If you need storage, this could be a great option. ??Just like regular self storage units, PODS often have deals, discounts, and coupons.

People often hire movers to load their storage container(s). ??Here are a few problems I have seen folks run into, so take note and learn from someone else???s mistakes. ??Find out what the cost is for additional storage containers at the last minute. ??People are notorious for underestimating how much storage space they will need. ??If you get a 16 foot container, it is not the same as a 16 feet worth of moving truck space. ??Storage containers are not as wide and they???re shorter. ??(Unless you are using shipping containers. ??

Get the storage container delivered ahead of time. ??Don???t ??let an unexpected delay put a crimp in your moving plans.

Make sure you have rented plenty of pads to protect your belongings. ??In addition to the to the road vibration of transit, ??the containers will be moved around with a forklift at the warehouse. People think because it is a storage container, they will need less blankets, when in reality, they will need more. ??If your furniture is not secure and padded, it will be damaged.

Compare the cost of the total move. ??Hiring movers to load and unload your storage container, plus the cost of the container itself, pad rental, and storage adds up. ??Sometimes it???s more cost effective to just have a professional moving company take care of all of it. ??There is less hassle with a turnkey operation, and insurance is included. ??With storage units and storage containers alike, you are ???self insured, ??? you are responsible.

Some freight companies will drop off a semi trailer at your house. ??You have predetermined time to load the trailer. ??The trailer is picked up by the freight company, driven to your new place, and dropped off once again for you to unload. ??The network of drivers and logistical specialists help make this cost effective, especially for long distance moves. ??If you ever saw an ABF Truck pulling three semi trailers, you have seen Truck by the foot in action. ??Sometimes it takes longer to get your stuff from point A to point B, because you are on their schedule.
Your are responsible for damages and need to provide your own packing blankets, same as if you rented a truck. ??People often hire professional moving companies to provide skilled labor to both load and unload the semi trailer. ??Professional movers bring their own dollies, It is just like hiring a crew to load your U HAUL, while you save the big bucks driving the long haul. ??This is a welcome vacation of the DIY truck rental.