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Move day can be kind of hectic. Make sure your “priority boxes” are accessible, with all the items you are going to need first. If anything was damaged, note it on the move ticket and have the driver initial. If you notice damage later, you have a certain amount of time to make a damage claim by state law. The important thing now is to get settled in.

Organizing your new home can take some time. Hanging pictures, arranging decor, and getting everything just right. It is a good idea to look over all your furniture, make sure everything is in the same condition. You have time to make a damage claim, but it is a limited amount of time.

If you moved yourself and rented a truck, avoid fees. Fill up the tank, and clean it out before you return it. Just leaving a Star Buck’s coffee cup on the floor board could cost you. Sweep out the truck out yourself or the rental company will and charge you for the service. Save some pictures of the rental truck after you return it, just in case. Check your credit card bill for over charges. It is common for rental companies to charge you without notification. It is your responsibility to deal with charges that are in error. You probably will not know that there is a problem until the extra charges show up on your credit card statement.

Thank your friends, it is not uncommon to send “thank you” notes to those that helped you, and invite them to your house warming party for a nice meal. (This of course does not apply to the moving crew)

Moving into a new house is the perfect time to organize, and get everything just the way that you want it. It is also the time a lot of folks buy new furniture. The moving company that moved you can often help you with the small jobs as well.

Double check that your utilities were shut off at the old house, some people find out latter that a utility service was not terminated as requested. There is a story about a cable provider, that did not stop the service, ran up over do charges, and sent it to collections. The person found out when they tried to buy a car and their credit score had fallen. The cable provider denied there was any request for termination of services. Of course this person was put on hold for an hour to find out this information. They ended up paying for services that they never used, and had requested canceled on move day. A form of extortion to save their credit score.


If you are moving yourself, and your friends are helping, then pizza and beer is all you need to provide. Of course the understanding that you will at some point reciprocate is a form of soft payment.

If you have hired a moving company, the crew would appreciate a gratuity. The moving industry is a service industry. Just like you tip your waitress for good service, so you should tip your movers for good service. But movers are held to a higher standard.

If your movers are unprofessional, or they damage stuff, call the company and do not tip them. Tipping is a motivator in all service industries. The man/woman knows that if they do an exceptional job for their customer, they could receive a little extra. This is a great check and balance for quality service. In instances where the gratuity is already factored into the bill, the service worker gets paid the same regardless of performance, and it shows.

How much should you tip? If you are not happy with the service don’t tip the movers at all, and report it to the moving company. If you are happy it is entirely up to you. Consider what you would tip a waitress at Chilies. What percentage you normally tip, on the bill is a good number to consider to split between the crew. If you tip 15% to the Chilies waitress, then split that between the crew, if you are moving long distance, you don’t need to tip on the cost of the drive. Only tip for manual work, preformed not mileage.