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Rate your moving experience. Some moving companies maintain an online testimonial board. Yelp, Angles List, Google Reviews and Yahoo are just a few places online to rate moving companies. People that take the time to rate the moving company help expose the bad companies, while highlighting the good moving companies.

Before you post bad reviews about your movers, give the moving company a chance to make it right. Posting bad comments online before contacting the company puts you in an adversarial position before you even begin to resolve your damage claim. You want a collaborative relationship as your damage claim is resolved.

Lots of moving companies rate their own movers and packers with customer feedback being a major factor. If a crew is getting bad feedback online, they may be fired. Local independent moving companies depend on customer feedback. Quality moving companies will protect their reputation.

If you have a great moving experience, please tell the company and post online to Yelp, Google reviews, and Angles List. Quality moving companies need good feedback, just like bad movers deserve to be flagged. When people are happy with their moving experience, they often don’t take the time to let others know. Quality movers get their business from referrals, and reputation. Help them out.


Unpacking all your boxes can be as much work as it was to pack them in the first place. When you pack yourself you save money, but you are also responsible for packing the contents. Most moving companies will deny any claims for damage for boxes packed by customer. “Contents unknown”. If you hired a moving company to pack your boxes they should be responsible for any damage. ??Always ask about their insurance and company policy. Professional packers however rarely have damage, because they use so much packing paper.

Brake down all your used boxes so they are flat. All the old packing paper should be put the trash bags. Used moving boxes have value. ??You can store them in your attic for future use. Or have them hauled away. Some movers will come and pick up your used boxes at no charge. If you have hired professional unpackers, they will hall off all the used boxes and packing paper, as part of the service.

Unpacking is relatively stress free. There are no deadlines, and the move is already over. If the contents of the boxes were properly labeled, you can pick what to unpack first.