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Settling in to your new house can takes some time. Finding where everything is, meeting the neighbors, and getting your new home just the way you want it.

Most Chamber of Commerce have a “welcome pack” with helpful information about your new town. Discounts and coupons for local businesses exclusively for new residents. Even upcoming festivals and the towns history, which would be fun for the kids.

Learning about the towns history, and meeting local small business owners can help your family develop a sense of community as your family lays down roots of their own. Small business owners are invested in the community with actions not words. Their long term success is tied to the future of the community. So it would make sense that they understand their town, and often sponsor events. If your daughter joins a soccer team, chances are a small business owners paid for her team’s uniforms.

If you were happy with your moving company, save this information. People often need a mover to do small jobs. New houses sometimes need additional furniture, or new appliances.

One of the most common questions new neighbors have is, ???How was the move?” followed with, “What moving company did you use?” People are always on the lookout for a good moving company. If your movers took care of you, take care of them with referrals.

Quality moving companies get most of their business from repeat customers and referrals.


The industry standard is 60 cents per pound for damaged items. However, quality movers normally have an in-house policy to repair or replace what their movers damage within reason. These are questions to ask before you book your move.

If you purchased supplemental insurance, you will deal with an insurance adjuster. If you bought valuation you will be dealing with the moving company, same as if they have an “in-house policy.” Again each company is different. The range for Legal movers is 60 cents per pound, all the way to repair and replace. ??Unlicensed (illegal) movers may do whatever. Know what kind of company you are hiring before you hire them. A little research will make your moving experience that much better. Smooth moves do not happen by accident.

Make any damage claims as soon as possible. Take pictures of the damage and email to the moving company along with a “statement of fact”. Some quality moving companies have an online form that streamlines this process. You should get an acknowledgement within twenty days. But quality movers will acknowledge the same day.

Depending on the damage a repair company may come out or a settlement offer will be made. Wood furniture almost always can be fixed by an experienced woodworker. Glass and mirrors can be custom cut. Some items are easier to replace or offer a settlement, e.g. TVs, dishes, and lamps.

If you and the moving company can’t see eye to eye, what recourse do you have? Make a complaint with the local BBB and request arbitration. If the mover is a member in good standing with the BBB, they will be bound by the arbitration. Most quality movers will protect their ??BBB record, and will try to avoid getting the BBB involved in the first place. The Department of Transportation offers mediation, for licensed moving companies. You can make a complaint with DOT that will go on the company???s record. Again, quality movers will take measures to protect their record with the state.

Quality moving companies know a damage claim is not the same as an unhappy customer. You can have something get damaged during your move and still be very happy with the service. A damage claim that is handled well can make you respect the moving company even more.

The important thing to remember is avoid misunderstandings. Know what coverage you have and what the in-house policy is before you pick your moving company and reserve your move date.