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If you are moving yourself, keep an eye on the moving truck. Crooks sometimes target rental trucks. Many a family has woken up from a good night???s sleep at their hotel, only to find that their rental truck is gone. Now they are stranded in the middle of nowhere. Half way to their new home with nothing.

Rental trucks can be attractive to thieves. They normally don’t have an alarm system, and they are already loaded with an entire household ??worth of goods. Why break into a house and load a truck, when you can just steal a fully loaded moving truck? The road side inns have the U-Hauls, Budgets, and Penskis clearly marked for the crook???s convenience. Ask about insurance when you rent the truck in the first place. I recommend to stay at a better class of hotel with security cameras. Park in front of the cameras and install a wheel lock. A Steering wheel lock can be purchased for less than $40.00. As always keep the doors locked as well.

Take care when selecting a pad lock for the back door of your rental truck. This is not the place to save money. Some locks are much harder to defeat then others. If standard bolt cutters can chop off your pad lock, buy a better lock. All self-respecting thieves have a set of bolt cutters.

Moving companies have to deal with crooks too. Good companies take the necessary precautions. Quality moving companies ??go beyond hardened locks and cargo insurance. With the technology today some movers have outfitted their fleet with GPS trackers. Being able to track your goods in real time takes a lot of the stress out of moving.

Quality moving companies go hand in hand with quality moving trucks, equipment and moving crews.



I don’t really want to write about this. It has nothing to do with moving furniture. But as a father, I feel it needs to be said. This applies to all companies that send men into your home to perform their services or sell their goods. What do you know about the strangers you have invited into your home?

There was a story about a woman who was raped by a vacuum cleaner salesman. The story turned into a political football. At the center of it, the debate of whether a company should be held responsible for the actions of their independent contractors.

A detailed search will reveal that many home service industries have a black eye when it comes to poor quality workers with nefarious intentions. Whether you have had cable installed, a subcontractor doing a remodel, a plumber fixing the sink or a moving company helping you relocate; the quality of the crew is important.

Companies that do back ground checks are good, but that is really just the start. Criminals have to be “convicted” to have a record. Checking references, history, coworker ??feedback and just getting to know someone???s character, are all part of finding men that will accurately represent the company.

You want men with a strong moral compass. It stands to reason if you hire a shady outfit, they are more likely to have shady characters working for them. If you hire a company with a reputation for quality service and fair prices, the people that work there will share the company culture.

The lowest price is seldom the best deal. Value is where the quality of service and the best price intersect. If you are not comparing companies that are licensed, bonded, insured and have top quality moving crews, what are you actually comparing?