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The 1800s saw a unprecedented migration west. The covered wagon was the method of choice for most D.I.Y.ers. Your wife, kids, and everything you owned could easily fit in its spacious wooden box. Normally powered with two horse power, it could transverse rivers that were not flooded and were shallow. The wagons strong axels could be replaced if needed in route. Just chop down an oak tree and shape to specifications.

There was no profit for moving companies with small jobs going long distances and nothing to haul back. About the only professional movers that made the covered wagon move west are the men that decided on a career change or fell in love with the farmer???s daughter. Not surprisingly for families with love struck farmers daughters and son in Law movers, everything was wrapped, padded and not even a tea cup was broken in their move west.

Back in the big cities, horse drawn moving wagons were rolling down the street on local moves.