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The moving and storage industry is a fifteen billion dollars per year industry in the united states. Each year about forty million Americans move. 85% move in state, 12.5% move out of state. Some move them self, while others select a moving company.

According to the BBB, “moving companies” is the fourth most searched category. Everybody wants a good deal and not to be taken advantage of. But a lot of times folks do not take the time to check with the BBB or check the company???s credentials. There is no substitute for doing your due diligence.

There are lots of companies to choose from. There are quality movers with fleets of late model moving trucks in every major city in the county. Experienced movers that know how to move all your belongings without damages at a reasonable price.

The moving industry has matured into a capable and effective force in this county. Every day movers deliver exactly what they have promised; Trucks on time. Clean cut crews. Accurate moving quotes. Furniture that is transported and packed with care. And happy customers.

It is worth considering that people (and the nightly news) only want to talk about the few bad apples. Ignoring the millions of satisfied customers. The “bad apples” get their business from people that all too often fail to do their due diligence.

Make your move be the best it can be. Hire a quality mover to take the stress out of moving. I hope that you have found this information useful and helpful. Questions and comments are welcomed and appreciated. Moving is hard enough, make the actual move day easy with the help of a professional crew.

Moving quotes are a call, click or in home estimate away.




President Roosevelt introduced unprecedented regulation and new government programs in his effort to control the American economy in the wake of the great depression.

The motor carrier act was passed in 1935. Its purpose was to “regulate competitive practices and promote fair competition”.

In 1948 congress passed the Reed-Bullwinkle act. This allowed companies to establish collective rates and full immunity from anti-trust laws. For a small moving company it was difficult to meet the requirements and the van lines were the major players. Over regulation is an effective way to stop competition.

In 1980 Congress deregulated the trucking industry. The amount of licensed carriers jumped from a few hundred to more than twenty thousand in a short time. Movers now had to compete for your business. Prices fell, and for some companies quality improved.

The range of prices, services, and kinds of movers was wide and varied. Things were not as simple as when there were just a few vanlines with collective rate to choose from. Suddenly folks that had always had to move them self, could now afford to hire a quality moving company. Reputation and quality of service became paramount for the good moving companies.

As with any industry that provides services to people, there are those that are in it to cheat and swindle. Always do your research. Some feel that the government should regulate the moving industry more like “in the good old days.” ??Big companies can make more money if there is no competition from the little guy.


Moving companies must be licensed with the state, and if they move across the state line, with the federal government as well. There are insurance requirements, and a strict set of rules governing the moving industry. Often the “scams??? that make folks cry for more regulation are perpetrated by companies that are already illegal. Existing laws are on the books to deal with criminals.