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Packing everything in boxes is the major part of preparing for move day. There are other things to consider when preparing your home for move day. Some things are obvious, other suggestions may seem counter intuitive.

You should refrain from watering your house plants three days before your move. Some people do just the opposite. Thinking that they are helping their plants by watering them right before the stress of moving. What they are really doing is causing a slipping hazard in the moving truck and causing water, dirty plant water, to get on their boxes and furniture. Water your plants at the new house. Also after the move you should prune your plants. That will invigorate growth and help them come back after the stress of the move.

BBQ grills need to be cleaned before move day. I once picked up a grill and the grease trap spilled all over my pant leg. The reason to clean the grill and remove the grease is to protect all your other furniture. We do not want grease or soot on the truck floor or moving blankets. It will track on everything else.

Moving is a great time for spring cleaning. Anything that you are planning to donate to charity should be done before the move. ??Any crating should be done before the move, along with the packing. Any specialty items should be addressed and planned for before the move. Items that movers cannot move or you would prefer to move yourself, should be cleared before move day or in a designated pile marked “Do not move”

All boxes should be sealed with tape and marked what room they will go in at your new home. Boxes should be kept under forty pounds, if possible.

Most of move preparation is common sense. Making sure you are ready move day, makes the moving experience that much easier to deal with.


Garages have their own challenges, unique to each individual.?? Some people???s garages are very organized, everything is already in a rubbermaid tub.?? On the other hand, some garages look like a storage unit for the Beverly Hillbillies.?? Most people fall somewhere in the middle.


The best time to clean out your garage and attic is before your move.?? Don???t pay to move something you were going to throw out.?? Have a garage sale before move day, and pick up some extra cash.?? You can also lighten your load by giving to a charity of your choice.?? Lots of charities will pick up donations or have convenient drop off locations.?? Some moving companies will haul off items to their charity as a service to their community at no charge to you.?? Ask for details, each moving company has their own policy.


Pack garage items in strong boxes.?? Dish Packs make a good choice.


Long handled tools can be bundled and shrink wrapped.


Please empty fuel out of your power tools.?? Moving companies cannot move anything flammable or explosive, i.e., gas cans, paints, pesticides, or any other dangerous chemicals.?? This is a state law.?? Moving companies have a ???household goods??? license, not a ???hazard??? or ???flammable??? endorsement.


This is a good thing.?? You don???t want chemicals or flammable gas in the same truck as your furniture, clothes, and family photographs.?? That is how trucks catch on fire.


The garage makes a great staging area to stack boxes to get them out of your way.?? As always, label the contents of each box and what room you want it to be placed in at the new house.?? Make sure each box is sealed with tape.


A well packed house helps make the actual move day go smoothly.?? Boxes marked with contents and location simplify unpacking.?? Most folks unpack themselves even if they did hire professional packers.?? Unpacking is the other side of this equation.?? Help balance that equation with the right pack job.


Pantries are the easiest to pack.?? It is just like grocery shopping, but in reverse.?? Instead of ???paper or plastic,??? you have cardboard boxes.?? Instead of lugging bags from the car, you have the movers roll your boxes on dollies.

Pack the Bottles and canned goods in 1.5 cu. ft. Boxes.


Pack the light items in 3.1 cu. ft. boxes, i.e. cereal, pasta, soup, et cetera.


This is a good time to go through your stocks and donate items you no longer want or need.?? Never pay to move something you are planning to throw out.


Laundry rooms have special considerations.?? I was once on a move where we were hired to unload a customer???s U Haul only, their route took them over a mountain pass.?? The altitude changed and caused a pressure change in a bottle of bleach.?? The bleach leaked.?? Their suits and evening wear was in this particular wardrobe box.?? An 88 cent bottle of bleach caused thousands of dollars worth of damage.?? Throw out cleaning supplies that could damage your sofa or wardrobe, if accidently spilled.


All containers should be packed upright and lids secure.?? Label ???this side up,??? and seal all boxes with tape.