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Just like auto shops can put a lean on your car and contractors can put a lean on your house for nonpayment for services. Moving companies can hold your stuff as collateral. State approved contracts normally state that you must pay for your move before the truck is unloaded. This is standard procedure. Failure to pay for your move could result is your stuff being hulled to storage at your expense. You could be charged for your move, the move to the company???s storage warehouse, the move back to your house and the costs of storage. If you refuse, you could forfeit your stuff. Because this is a civil matter you could take them to court, but the police will not help. ??If you call the police they will say ??”The movers have a signed contract and this is a civil matter”.

Quality moving companies have a reputation to protect. The “fly by nights” don’t. The “Name changes” could care less about BBB complaints. The “Bait and switchers” could care less about internet reviews.

KHOU TV out of Houston did a report-in 2001 about a clever moving scam. The bait, $39 per hour including shrink wrap, 2 men, the truck, everything. The ad was on Craig???s List. The Company name was a quality moving company with a BBB rating and a professional website linked to the Craig???s List ad. The number however went to the crook???s cell phone. On move day two professional looking movers showed up on time from a different company. “The company that you booked with had a truck break down, we are covering the move for them. We normally do not do $39 hourly???s but we will honor the contract. Please sign here.”

You are happy, before your mover told you they could not make it they got another moving company to cover your move. On time, fast, the right price. Well it turns out that shrink wrapping is $90 per item, and they are wrapping everything. You are presented a much higher bill at the drop off. Payment is demanded in cash before the unload. The KHOU TV/BBB undercover investigations showed the scammers charge $900 just for shrink wrap, on one move. It was in the contract: pay before unload and $90 per item to shrink wrap. Folks saw their $39.99 per hour moves, jump to $1200, $1700 and $2300 according the news report.

Anyone can post a Craig???s List ad and link it to a quality company. Call the moving company to ask a few questions about your move and confirm your move date. If they have never heard of you, you know you are about to be the victim of a scam.

Poor quality movers are notorious for dramatically increasing move prices on move day, once all your stuff is already on their moving truck. Poor quality movers get a lot of business from internet brokers.

CBS news reported in 2015 that one in ten moves will report that their furniture was held hostage. The Movers demanding more money.

Avoid scams, research the moving company. Avoid misunderstandings, review and understand what is included in your moving quote, and move contract.


A lot can go wrong when you are moving to your new home. Most Problems are small and can be easily overcome. But sometimes things go so bad it becomes a horror story. Some bad moving experiences can affect your entire life. Not just your pocket book.

Doing your due diligence before you hire a mover and planning your move before move day will help you avoid most problems. There are circumstances that can come up, that you may never have thought of. ??There are moving scams out there that you may never have heard of before. Crooks that prey on people when they are most vulnerable.

The news does “special reports” on moving scams every so often, but a search online and with the BBB will reveal the depth of the problem is far greater. There are bad companies that jack up your move price at the last minute, with “add ons “, and then there are actual crooks that will hold your stuff hostage. There are bad worker that may be careless your furniture, and then there are thieves that do the job as an opportunity to ???case out” your new home.

I have heard a lot of, “I had a bad moving experience,” stories over the years. They normally start out with, “I thought I had found the greatest deal.” ??Sometimes folks get blinded with a low price. People that think they can hire a moving crew with all the dollies and moving blankets, truck and fuel for less than it would be to rent a truck and move themselves, are in for a surprise. People that think the $39 per hour ad on Craig???s List is a good deal are not seeing the whole picture. A good deal is a move quote that is real. A good deal is being happy at the end of the move, and paying what is expected.

Save yourself stress and hardship, or (worse) and hire a reputable moving company. Learn from other peoples mistakes, do your own research and plan your move accordingly. A smooth move is not an accident.