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Human prehistory is rich with wandering peoples. Over thirteen thousand years ago the first Americans were walking over the land bridge with their stuff in tow. Of course they did not call themselves Americans. Back then people moved themselves. No moving company needed.

With the invention of the wheel folks could make carts and that made moving a little easier. But still folks moved them self. Only kings and the super rich had enough stuff to need movers, but they had slaves and subjects to do the heavy lifting for them.

It is interesting to note that when humans were hunters and gathers and moving around the most, they had the least amount of stuff. Packing up the whole tribe was no big deal. Down came the tents and they were off to follow the migration patterns of their prey.

Planet earth was colonized this way. Year by year. Generation by generation. Little by little soon there were humans on six out of seven continents. And that is not bad for walkers with backpacks.

As the agriculture revolution took hold people moved less. staying close to their crops, and the upcoming harvest. Young men and women would get married and start a life together and move to a place of their own. Normally still close by the tribe, and the mother in law. The ???local move” was born. But just like many newlyweds today, they just did not have enough stuff to hire a moving company. They were D.I.Y.ers.

During the great conquests of the ancient empires the winning army would often carry their loot back to their capitals. But back then the military was not yet out sourcing to moving companies. The army took care of it themselves. Probably for the better because professional moving companies do not move slaves and livestock, and also recommend you move your old coins, jewelry and gold yourself.

The DIY movers have a proud tradition dating back to time immemorial. For most of human history folks moved themselves. Now they can rent a moving truck and DIY in style. Or hire a moving company and enjoy the ease of a professional move.



The moving industry was born because of, and has grown in parallel with the unprecedented creation of wealth over the last 140 years. Technology increased crop production and the amount of men and women need to produce it. More people were free to buy their food and housing and work in other industries. More wealth was created, and by trading value for value every hard working American could increase their personal wealth.

The more things you buy, the more things you have. At some point you need someone to help you move. With the explosion of the middle class, more and more folks needed help moving. Smart entrepreneurs are always looking to fill a unmet need. Find their niche. The professional furniture mover started plying his trade around the late 1800s. Mainly with local moves. For long distance moves ships and railcars were used. But with ships and railcars, everything had to be in a crate or a barrel, so it was more like freight services. With furniture movers, household goods are individually wrapped, padded, and loaded into the truck/wagon.

The moving company got its start with the middle class. The poor do not have enough stuff to need movers, (or the money). And the rich have servants or men that already work for them to do the heavy lifting. But times have changed.

Today the rich, the poor, companies, and governments all use professional moving companies. The unique skill set, specialized equipment, and moving truck make it a smart choice to hire men and women that know how the pack a box of china without it getting broken, and how to pack a semi with furniture without any damage. Today, even the poor have wealth that could not have been bought with a kings gold throughout history. A flat screen TV, a ton of electronics, mattresses, fridges, washing machines and clothes dryers. The personal belongings of a poor American bests yesterday???s nobility. Technology and hardworking Americans have made everybody???s lives better, and increased everybodys wealth. And the professional moving companies are here to help you move all of it.

The moving industry has grown with the population and the economy. As a service business it cannot be out sourced to another county, like so many of our manufacturing jobs have been.

Moving is hard work, To?????????????????????????????? be a mover you need a good work ethic, and be able to perform hard manual labor all day. It is not surprising then that professional movers are physically strong and take pride in a job well done. There is a certain satisfaction in hard physical work that you have to do with your hands, and can see immediate progress. ??When a house full of heavy furniture is emptied and packed in to the moving truck, without a damage, there is a certain satisfaction in the visible manifestation of the work that has been accomplished.