There is a lot to consider when moving yourself.?? You need to rent a truck, rent moving pads, buy rope/straps, and rent or buy moving dollies, etc.?? Everything you need to move yourself safely needs to be in place well before move day.?? The actual move is just one piece of the puzzle.?? There are a ton of move related issues that will require your attention.

The days leading up to your move can make you feel like a juggler in a circus.?? There are utilities that need to be changed, house closings to attend, documents that need to be signed, and kids to enroll in school.?? Moving is a full time job before you even pack your first box.?? You will save money by moving yourself, but a professional moving crew sure can make life easier.

When you’re planning on moving yourself in Plano Texas, organization is the key.?? You will need a written schedule and a check list to makes sure everything that needs to done, gets done on time.?? Friends need to be drafted in Plano, both for move day, and to help with the packing.?? Packing is something that, for the most part, can be done at your convenience but must be completed before move day.?? It is recommended to start packing two weeks before move day in Plano.?? Everyone takes longer packing their own items.?? It is a curious fact that professional movers will pack a stranger’s household goods faster than you would your own items.?? The reason being, each item is tied to a memory, so it is more than just wrapping and boxing, it???s remembering your past one item at a time.

The main objective when moving yourself should be, not to get hurt.?? It is far easier to replace a piece of furniture than to replace your back.?? A potential back injury is the number one reason to hire a moving company.?? If you are moving yourself, invest in a back brace and lift with your legs.?? Give yourself more time then you think you???ll need.?? Moving yourself has a way of dragging on and on.

In Plano, one of the main problems folks have when moving themselves, is the ???lowered standard??? and the ???cutting corners??? that lead to accidents and damages.?? For example, professional movers in Plano will not move boxes that are open or folded.?? Boxes must be sealed with tape.?? People that move themselves don???t seem to think twice about carrying out boxes to the moving truck that are over flowing.?? DIY moves also do not seem to use enough moving pads on their furniture, resulting in damage.?? Don???t let this be you if you???re planning on moving yourself.

You can be successful with the right preparation with your moving company in Plano, and the right knowledge.?? It only takes moving yourself once to appreciate the effort that a professional mover like MoveCo in Plano puts forth in moving you, as well as, knowing what standard to demand.

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